Change Log

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    27 June 2020
  • Broke out the 4 node types so each has its own page
  • Broke out the 3 Housing types so each has its own page
  • Change link color from red to antique white across whole site
  • Added Threat Assessment to Combat Page
  • Added June Videos to Video Library
    6 April 2020
  • Added the Mounts Page
  • Transitioned the Image Links to Modals instead of Popouts to New Windows. Will fix the zooming at a later date.
  • Fixed some issues on the User Site Map and added Mounts to it
    30 March 2020
  • Changed Navigation Bar on all pages to be fixed top instead of fixed bottom.
  • Added Google CSE for Ashes 101.
  • Included Parts I and III of March Review to Video Library.
  • Added Graphic to How the Store Works.