Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Website Change Log

Change Log


20 Jan 2021: Updated the Store Page

24 December 2020: Added the Mages Page

Updated the Alpha Testing Schedule Page to include the Castle Siege Update from the October Interview.

3 November 2020: Added the Clerics Page

1 November 2020: Added the Summoners Page

26 October 2020: Updated the PVE Themes page to include the Loot Rules Video

Updated the Alpha Testing Schedule Page to include the new testing data from the latest Creative Director Letter.

Created the Death and Dying Page to discuss the death penalities on their own seperate pullout page.

4 October 2020: Updated the Mounts Page with the information we got from the 30 September livestream

28 September 2020: Added the Economy Page and Ashes Crash Course on the Economy

12 September 2020: Recent Changes to the Website Include The Node Sieges Page has been updated, the Node Wars Page has been update, and the PvE Themes content has been created and loaded.

Important design change as of 26 August 2020. All characters now have the option to start at one of the four divine gates, or to start in the Underealm Starting area.