Ashes of Creation Freeholds

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Freeholds are half-acre plots of land out in the world that the players can design to their own specifications. Maybe you want a farm and a stable, maybe you want a house and a tavern, maybe you want a shrine and a forge. Whatever your desires are for your property, you can make them happen with your Freehold.

You may have 1 Freehold per account. Period. No matter how many different servers you play on, you will only ever have one Freehold.

Can Freeholds Be Destroyed?


Freeholds are vulnerable to attack for 1-2 hours after a successful siege. If the Freehold is properly defended in will enter a grace period of seven days while the ZOI’s in the nearby area work themselves out. If during the course of the grace period the Freehold finds itself inside the ZOI of a Stage 3 or higher Node, the freehold will remain in place. If not, then the freehold gets rolled up as a blueprint and returned to the player. They will need to secure a new deed and place their freehold back in the world.