Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Social Organization


Social organizations are quasi-factions in Ashes of Creation; however, membership in them does not make the player vulnerable to any sort of PvP Combat Flagging. These quasi-factions will sometimes be at odds with each other, as they cannot simultaneously advance their agendas, but the solution to these conflicts will not be settled with combat but that does not make them any less player-vs-player.

Social Organizations represent part of the horizontal progression Ashes promises to deliver. Horizontal progression is a way for players to develop their characters in ways that does not rely on vertical progression (increasing character level).

Players can only be a member of one social organization at a time. If you leave a social organization you lose all your progress.

The Three Organizations

Right now, the three Social Organizations are:

  • Scholars Academy
  • Thieves Guild
  • Trader’s Company

Since we do not have information on the specific social organizations, I have not broken down the specific pages yet. That will happen later on when we have specific information for the different organizations.

Organizational Leadership

Leadership of the Social Organizations will remain in the hands of the NPCs; however, there will be ranks that the players can attain that allow them to influence the direction the Social Organization takes. From what has been discussed in the past we know that players can obtain a mid-tier leadership rank in the social organizations.

Benefits of Membership

Being a member of Social Organization brings with it several benefits. We do not have much information on these benefits, so I am listing them out with much additional information. As that information becomes available I will add that information where appropriate.

Abilities usable during Node Sieges

Access to Special Shops

Artisan Progression Benefits

  • Tools that improve gathering (special lures for fishing)
  • Blueprints for Processing Infrastructures
  • Mount Certificates for Breeding


Social Organizations will grant three or four benefits augments to players based on

  • The Social Organization being the Patron of the Node Meaning it contributes the most work to the node from its Members.
  • A player’s progression in the organization

Special Cosmetics



Progression in social organizations is accomplished by accomplishing tasks and quests. We do not have a lot of information about these quests, but we know that one theme that has been mentioned is sabotage and espionage against other nodes based on their war status, or by doing cooperative quests with other Nodes that have a peace status. More to follow in the future.