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Here is a file index of all the Ashes of Creation Videos I have done for your ease of reference without having to go into a subpage to find them. I have included a dates or years with each of them to help with ease of reference about how current the information contained will be.

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June 2020 - Livestream Recap [2020]

This video is the June 2020 Livestream Update, lots of good information on In-Node housing in this video.

June - Social Media Update [2020]

This video is part one of the monthly update, containing all the social media updates that we get on Twitter, Discord, Reddit or other places. Important bits and pieces that I don't want to get lost in the shuffle of the livesream video

2019 Year in Review and 2020 Early Projects [2020]

A lot of people were concerned that Intrepid Studios would miss the Q4 letter date, but Steven, Margaret and the rest of the team managed to get the Quarter 4 Letter out before the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve.

Steven Sharif Interview with Jahlon [2019]

In April of 2019 I had the opportunity to interview Steven Sharif. It was quite an interesting interview with a lot of things getting talked about that weren't necessarily on the script.

ASHES 101 - Nodes

Introduction to Nodes Part I
Up to Level 3 [2019]

This video covers Nodes from Level 0 through Level 2 and discusses the mechanics of what Nodes are, how the world is divided, how Nodes level, how they block out neighboring nodes.

Introduction to Nodes Part II
Nodes Level 3 [2019]

This video covers Nodes at Level 3, all the new mechanics that get introduced: Government, Housing and Citizenship, Sieges, and Node Specific Special Buildings (Unique Buildings). This does not include the Vassal System which also begins at Level 3. The Vassal System gets its own video. Also included in this video is the new Freehold mechanic system.

Introduction to Nodes Part III
The Vassal System [2019]

This video covers the basic introduction to the Vassal System as far as we know it. It gives some visual examples of how Nodes will operate inside the system, as well as some of the complex political relationships between Nodes both inside the Vassal System as well as along the Regional Castle system.

Introduction to Nodes Part IV
Castles [2019]

Castles are an essential part of the Node system, not only because they can influence the individual Nodes, but also because they have three specific military Nodes attached to them.

ASHES 101 - PvP

Introduction to PvP
Overview [2019]

With all the new information we have about PvP in Ashes of Creation, I've taken the original PvP video and broken it into four parts. Part I is a 30,000 foot view, the overview, some key terms and explanations.

Introduction to PvP Part II
Corruption [2019]

Castles are an essential part of the Node system, not only because they can influence the individual Nodes, but also because they have three specific named Nodes attached to them.

Introduction to PvP Part III
Node Sieges vs Node Wars [2019]

Although Sieges and Wars sound very similar, mechanically they are very different. In order to understand the differences between these two mechanics I have done this video as a compare and contrast so people know what happens during a siege and what happens during a war.

Introduction to PvP Part IV
Castle Sieges [2019]

Castle Content is primarly Guild Content, and there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to castles. While this won't be everything, since we don't know everything, it should serve to give you a rough overview of Castle Sieges.

ASHES 101 Videos

Introduction to Housing Part I
Overview [2018]

Housing is going to be a key consideration in Ashes of Creation because only a property owner can become a citizen. As discussed in the Nodes Part II video, there are a lot of things that open up for citizens. All three types of housing are discussed in this video.

Introduction to Caravans [2019]

In Ashes of Creation you will not have infinite bags of holding, which means you will not be carrying around 50,000 ore in your backpack. The amount of gatherables or raw materials you can have on your person is limited. When it comes to moving bulk materials you will have to utilize the caravan system.

Artisan System
Introduction the Artisan System [2018]

Intrepid Studios has focused on the crafting system from the very beginning of the development of Ashes of Creation. The artisan system in this game is not added in as an afterthought. Instead, it is possible to become a power broker in the game without ever engaging in combat.

Combat System
Overview [2020]

Intrepid Studios is working on having a Hybrid combat system blending Traditional Tab Targetting with Action Combat skills. But what does that mean? And what will combat look like?

ASHES 101 - How the Store Works

How the Store Works [2019]

A lot of people can’t seem to understand what happens with Intrepid store packages when you upgrade. As this issue comes up at least once a week on the Discord, I decided to create an overview guide so the community has somewhere to point the new people who are lost.