Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Frequently Asked Questions


There are a ton of things people want to know about Ashes of Creation. While a lot of people are looking for deep dive details, there are still people who are new to Ashes of Creation and want to ask the big picture questions. These are the commonly asked questions for Ashes of Creation.

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General Questions

What is Ashes of Creation?

Ashes of Creation is an MMORPG that is currently in development by Intrepid Studios. It is slated to be an Open World Themebox or Sandpark. It won’t be a traditional Themepark like World of Warcraft of Final Fantasy XIV, but neither will it be an full Sandbox like Minecraft or Eve Online.

What was Ashes of Creation? Apocalypse

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse was a stand-alone testing mode for Intrepid Studios to test various parts of the Ashes of Creation MMORPG development including action combat, server stability, stability & architecture, back-end architecture, store functions, account management deployment and launcher/patcher deployment.

What happened to Ashes of Creation?

Ashes of Creation originally had a release date of before 2020. Unfortunately, when Creative Director Steven Sharif made this statement, he had yet to hire on any Producers with industry experience. After hiring on new key staff members, compounded with the nine-month delay from having to restart their server backend from scratch, Ashes of Creation entered Alpha 1 in December of 2020. For more information check the Testing Status.

When is Ashes of Creation release? When does Ashes of Creation Release? When will Ashes of Creation come out?

We do not have a release date for Ashes of Creation. Intrepid Studios has decided given the flux of game development they no longer want to give dates they are not 100% sure they can meet.

Ashes of Creation What do we know?

There is so much that we already know about Ashes of Creation there is no way to add a short answer to this. I recommend:
Ashes 101 - My Educational Website on Ashes of Creation
Ashes of Creation Wiki - Basically the definitive source of quotes and citations for Ashes of Creation
Ashes of Creation Official Website - There is not a lot of meat here, but it is the official site

Business Model

Is Ashes of Creation free? How much will Ashes of Creation Cost? How much is Ashes of Creation? Is Ashes of Creation F2P or P2P?

Ashes of Creation is not intended to be a free-to-play game. Although Ashes of Creation will have no box price and there is no currently planned price for DLC and Expansion packs, there will be a monthly subscription of $15 per month.

There is also an optional cosmetic cash shop that people can make purchases from. Intrepid has pledged this will be a cosmetic cash shop only, with no pay-to-win or even pay-to-convenience mechanics.

How to Play

How to Play Ashes of Creation? Can you play Ashes of Creation?

Alpha 1 sales are currently closed, however, there is a chance that Intrepid may reopen sales in the future.

If you have not registered for Ashes of Creation yet, be sure to use the registration link in the navigation bar above to register.

How to Play Ashes of Creation Apocalypse?

Right now, Ashes of Creation Apocalypse is offline. After running three seasons of Chapter 1, Intrepid decided to move Alpha 1 testing before Castle Siege testing. With a shift in the testing roadmap, Apocalypse was taken offline until they are ready to deploy Castle Siege testing.

As recently as October 2020 Steven has stated that while Apocalypse is not off the table, some of the objectives for Castle Siege Mode Testing may be accomplished in Alpha 1. Intrepid Studios is not worried about the Castle Siege mode as those types of events (the driving technology) is already understood and developed through other games.

System Requirements

Can I run Ashes of Creation?

The Alpha minimum requirements for Ashes of Creation are located on the Ashes of Creation Zendesk here.

Will Ashes of Creation be on XBox? Will Ashes of Creation be on Playstation 5? Will Ashes of Creation be on Stadia? Will Ashes of Creation be on Console?

Right now there are no plans to put Ashes of Creation on console or on Stadia.

Game Content

Will Ashes of Creation have Pve Content? Will Ashes of Creation have Dungeons? Will Ashes of Creation have Raids? Is Ashes of Creation PvP or PvE?

Yes. The goal of Ashes of Creation is to be a themebox style game. There will be dungeons and raids. Roughly 80% of the dungeons and raids will be open world. The other 20% will be instanced.

Ashes of Creation Races?

Ashes of Creation is going to have 9 Total Races. 4 Main races with 2 sub-races and then the Tulnar.

Ashes of Creation Classes?

Ashes of Creation is planning to have 64 Total Classes, however, given the nature of class creation each character will only have access to eight of them.

A class in Ashes of Creation is made up of picking a Primary Archetype and a Secondary Archetype. The 8 Archetypes are: Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Ranger, Rogue, Summoner, Tank.

Your primary Archetype selection determines your role in parties, and your secondary archetype forms your class and determines how you fulfill that role.

Your Primary Archetype is fixed and unchangeable, while your secondary is changeable if you complete certain prerequisites. A special note, you do not get any of the abilities of your secondary archetype, but you do get augments that make how your skills work vary.

If you are looking for more information on Archetypes and Classes, reference the Ashes 101 Page on Archetypes and Classes for more details.