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Testing Status

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As of 24 December 2020, the Testing Status for Ashes of Creation is as follows:

  • December 18 through 21 – Alpha One Preview Pre-Test 1
  • Testing is completed
  • NDA remains in effect even now post testing

  • February 19 through 22 – Alpha One Preview Pre-Test 2
  • All Alpha 1 backers will have access
  • NDA will be in effect

  • March 19 through 26 – Alpha One Preview Pre-Test 3
  • All Alpha 1 backers will have access
  • NDA is not scheduled to be in effect

  • 6 April through 6 May – Alpha 1
  • All Alpha 1 backers will have access
  • NDA is not scheduled to be in effect
  • More Alpha 1 testing sessions will follow this. This does not represent a single month of Alpha 1 testing
Alpha 1 Testing Schedule

Other Testing Phases

MMORPG Testing Phases

  • Alpha 2: No Estimate
  • Beta 1: No Estimate
  • Beta 2: No Estimate

Apocalypse Testing Phases

  • Castle Siege: At the present time there is no guarantee that the Castle Siege Mode is going to deploy. In my October Interview with Steven he talked about how The Castle Siege works in APOC and the MMORPG modes, and that they may get some Castle Siege data from inside Alpha 1. We will have to stay turned for more information about what they do with Castle Siege testing and when or even if it returns to APOC.
  • Horde Mode: No Current Estimate

Buying Alpha 1

For most people it is not possible to purchase access to Alpha 1 at this time. Intrepid Packs, the $500 packs which included Alpha 1 access, sales were suspended in September 2018. Intrepid has discussed the possibility of reopening Alpha 1 sales in the future, but not until the original 10,000 Alpha 1 testers have started testing and ensured the backend changes can support a population that large.

Anyone with a Kickstarter or Summer Backer pack, an upgrade path exists in the Intrepid Store and that path will remain open for the near future.