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The Dünzenkell Dwarves parent race is split into two sub-races the Dünir and the Niküa.

The real-world influence for the Dünzenkell parent race cultural has not yet been released by Intrepid Studios. The Dünir sub-race draws their influence from Nordic culture influences, while the Niküa sub-race has a Polynesian influence.

The sub-races are not both equal in Dwarven appearance. The Dünir dwarves have become a more traditional fantasy appearance, while the Niküa will continue to remain as originally planned with a more halfling appearance.

In additional Female Dünir are allowed to have beards, but they will not be identical to the males. Their beards will be more braided. Since facial hair is characteristic of the Dünir and not the Niküa it is not yet decided if the Niküa females can have beards.

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