Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Dünzenkell Dwarves


The Dünzenkell Dwarves are split into two sub-races the Dünir and the Niküa.

The real world influence for the Aelean cultural has not yet been released by Intrepid Studios.


Stoic. Tradition. Forge. Most of the peoples from the old world would see a mountain and think nothing of it. The Dünir saw a defensible home where riches abound. The Dünir take immense pride in what they craft and what they build: fortifications that seem impregnable, warhammers that never break, or beautiful gems for their royalty are all in their repertoire. Don't be deceived by their stout stature. They're pound for pound the strongest warriors the world has ever known.

The official real world cultural influence for the Dünir has yet to be officially stated.

Racial Bonuses: Unknown at present time.

Dunir Village Concept Art


Family. Freedom. Courage. Where the Dünir saw mountains as home, the Niküa saw it as a prison. How could they complete the great hunt inside a cave? The craft of their brothers doesn't elude them though; they too are highly skilled artisans. Instead of jewelry for nobles, the Niküa see crafting as a right of passage and advancement of the family. Will you progress your people from the mountains of your ancestors?

While the official real world cultural influence for the Niküa has yet to be officially stated, it is clear from the concept art that there is a heavy Pacific island influence.

Racial Bonuses: Unknown at present time.

Nikua Concept Art