Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Summoners


I really did not want to do any of the Archetype overviews given the fact that we do not have all the information about the Archetypes, let alone Classes and Augments; however, more and more questions keep coming up about this particular Archetype. Given people have questions about a topic, that means it is an area that Ashes 101 should be covering.

We are going to dive into the Summoner. Realize this is not everything you need to know about Summoners, this is simply everything we know for the time being.

Summoner Class Icon

Summoner Class Combinations

The 8 Summoner Class combinations are:

Primary Secondary Class
Summoner Bard Enchanter
Summoner Cleric Necromancer
Summoner Fighter Wild Blade
Summoner Mage Spellmancer
Summoner Ranger Beastmaster
Summoner Rogue Shadowmancer
Summoner Summoner Conjurer
Summoner Tank Brood Warden

Role of a Summoner

Most of the Archetypes in Ashes of Creation fill a specific role. Tanks are the main tanks, Clerics are the main healers, Bards are the off-healers and support, and everyone else fills the role of a Damage Dealer. Everyone, with the exception of the Summoners.

Summoners are a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None (although this is still better than a Master of One). Unlike the other seven Primary Archetypes that get locked into a single role, the Summoner Archetype can become whatever it needs to become to fill whatever role vacancies exist. This is accomplished through their rotating between the eight classes available to them.

Summoners will be able to summon Tank, Damage Dealing, or Support (Healing) summons.


A summoner can have up to three summons out at one time and the summoner does have control over these summons. This does not mean that the summoner will always have three summons out, sometimes they will summon one single more powerful summon other times they will summon multiple weaker summons. Not only will the summoner have their own abilities, they will also have the abilities of the summon on their hot bar. Summoners will have the option to level up their summons instead of their own skills through the investment of skill points. Many of the summoner’s abilities channel through their summon. The summoner is essentially playing through their summon.

Types of Summons

It is important to note that everything involving the Summoner Archetype is subject to change. Summoners (and Bards) are the last two Archetypes that are going to be working on. This has to do with a combination of developing the Tank and Support portions of the Trinity first, as well as the actual summon creation system.

What we know of the summons that may be available, is that depending on their specific Secondary Archetype, Class, and Augment selections they will have access to summons such as:

  • Animals
  • Spirits
  • Zombies, Skeletons, and other Undead
  • Corpse
  • Shadows
  • Elementals/Quasi-Elementals

Siege Summons

If eight summoners form a party, they will have the ability to summon a Siege Summon. If, a situation arises where eight summoners are not available, larger summons can be brought forth if the party leader is a summoner and there are multiple summoners in the party.

We do not have more information on this, but it is something that people should be aware of while making choices about creating a summoner.