Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Testing Status

Testing Status

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There is currently no testing scheduled for Ashes of Creation

Other Testing Phases

MMORPG Testing Phases

  • Alpha 2: No Estimate
  • Beta 1: No Estimate
  • Beta 2: No Estimate

Apocalypse Testing Phases

  • Castle Siege: At the present time there is no guarantee that the Castle Siege Mode is going to deploy. In my October Interview with Steven he talked about how The Castle Siege works in APOC and the MMORPG modes, and that they may get some Castle Siege data from inside Alpha 1. During the 30 April Livestream they discussed how the code for Castle Siege Mode had been moved from the Apocalypse version to the MMORPG. Castle Siege testing is now scheduled to take place in the Alpha 1 MMORPG build. This will be a three-hour event and will be 100 players vs 100 players.
  • Horde Mode: No Current Estimate