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Alpha 1 Testing Status

As of 20 May 2020 the Testing Status for Ashes of Creation is as follows:

May 2020 - Alpha 1 QA and Stress Testing begins.
Eligible testers are Phoenix Initiative Members with a Kickstarter Pack of Royalty of Higher
NDA will be in effect

Summer 2020 - Alpha 1 QA and Stress Testing continues
Eligible testers will be PI members and Braver of Worlds packages from Kickstarter or the Summer Backer Program
NDA will be in effect unless otherwise noted by Steven

Fall 2020 - Full Alpha 1 Testing
Eligible testers will be PI, BOW, and Intrepid Pack holders.
NDA should not be in effect at this time

Other Testing Phases

Alpha 2: No Estimate
Beta 1: No Estimate
Beta 2: No Estimate

Apocalypse Testing Phases:
Castle Siege: No Current Estimate
Horde Mode: No Current Estimate

Is it possible to get into Alpha 1 now?

For most people no, Alpha 1 packs stopped being sold in September of 2018
For anyone with a Kickstarter or Summer Backer pack, an upgrade path exists in the Intrepid Store.