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Ashes of Creation intends on having little to no fast travel. One of the only mechanics for Fast Travel will come from the Scientific Nodes.


Democratic Election by the Citizens.

Unique Building

Unique Node Building: Building of Learning and Education

  • Village - Library
  • Town - College
  • City - University
  • Metropolis - Academy

  • As the game is still in active development and many things are subject to change, instead of listing out what each of these buildings does at present, I am linking you Know Your Nodes: Scientific Node Type blog so you can check out the information directly from the developers. When this becomes more solidified, I will update the webpage.

    Metropolis Superpower

    Limited Fast Travel

    One of the only methods of fast travel comes from Scientific Nodes.
    If you are a citizen of the Metropolis itself, you can teleport to and from the Metropolis and any of the Vassal Nodes attached to that Metropolis.
    If you are a citizen of one of the Vassal Nodes, you can teleport to the Metropolis and back to your Node.

    If two or more Scientific Metropolises exist in the world, there will be an airship that connects the Two Metropolii creating a method of fast travel across a sizable portion of the world for the citizens of the Metro and its vassals.