Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Scientific Nodes


Based on what we currently know about the four Node types, no Node brings more to the table than the Scientific Nodes. Ashes of Creation is a game that intends on having very limited fast travel, and the major of mechanics that do exist for Fast Travel come from the Scientific Nodes.

Ashes of Creation intends on having little to no fast travel. One of the only mechanics for Fast Travel will come from the Scientific Nodes.

Nodes will be identifiable as Scientific Nodes beginning at level one as the transition from Wilderness to Expedition is marked by the arrival of NPC Traveling Scholars.


In Scientific Nodes leadership is determined by Popular Vote cast by the Citizens. If this is going to be a simple majority plus one, or some other mechanic, we are not sure.

Unique Buildings

The unique building in Scientific Nodes is a Building of Learning and Education. Beginning at Stage 3, Scientific Nodes will be able to build a Library on one of the Mayoral constructible sites.

  • The four stages of the Scientific Unique Building are:
  • Village - Library
  • Town - College
  • City - University
  • Metropolis - Academy

As the game is still in active development and many things are subject to change, instead of listing out what each of these buildings does at present, I am linking you Know Your Nodes: Scientific Node Type blog so you can check out the information directly from the developers. When this becomes more solidified, I will update the webpage.

Ashes of Creation Concept Art

Metropolis Super Powers

The Scientific Superpower is Limited Fast Travel and Auto-Travel.

Other than the family summoning system, the only fast travel mechanics come from Scientific Metropolis. If you are a citizen of a Scientific Metropolis you will have the ability to teleport to and from the Metropolis and any of the Vassal Nodes. This is the benefit of being a citizen of the actual Metropolis. Citizens of the Vassal Nodes will also be able to teleport; however, they will be restricted to teleporting between the Metropolis and the Node where they have their citizenship. They will not be afforded free teleportation to the other vassal nodes.

Additionally, there is auto-travel/fast travel option if two Scientific Metropolis exist in the world. In this scenario, the two Metropolis would be connected via an Airship which will create a method of faster travel across a sizeable portion of the world for the citizens of the Metropolis and its vassals.