Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Character System Overview

Charcter System


People have a lot of questions regarding Ashes of Creation and the Character System. This page is going to be a seemingly random string of information; however, it is going to do its best to answer the most asked questions that fall under the umbrella of Character System Questions.

You cannot change your Race or your Primary Archetype after Character Creation

You will be allowed to have alts in Ashes of Creation.

  • Alts will share your main character’s property and storage points meaning you can move gear between characters.
  • Your Main character and all your alts must be citizens of the same Node
  • Your Main character and all your alts may be members of different guilds
  • We do not know how many alts we will have per account/server
  • Intrepid has said the number of alts will be “comfortable”
  • There will not be a monetary cost for alts

There will not be server transfers

There is also no sharding or multiple instances of the same server