Ashes of Creation Economic Nodes

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Ashes of Creation intends to have a robust player Driven Economy. In order to facilitate that, one of the four node types is specifically geared towards the Economic aspects of the game: The Economic Node


Elected Official seats are purchased and sold by the citizens for in game currency.

Unique Building

Building of Trade and Commerce

  • Village - Market
  • Town - Exchange
  • City - Galleria
  • Metropolis - Emporium

  • As the game is still in active development and many things are subject to change, instead of listing out what each of these buildings does at present, I am linking you the Know Your Nodes: Economic Node Type blog so you can check out the information directly from the developers. When this becomes more solidified, I will update the webpage.

    Metropolis Superpower

    Linked Economy

    If your node falls under the Zone of Influence (ZOI) of a metropolis (see the Vassal System for more information) then your Node’s economy becomes linked with all the other Nodes in your Metropoli’s vassal system.

    It is important to note that in Ashes of Creation there is no global auction house. If you want to purchase something, you must travel to the location it is being sold. With this linked economy system, while you will still need to travel to the location to pick up your goods, you can conduct business over greater distances than other players.