Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Ranger


Intrepid did a Ranger Showcase in late 2022, the first time we’ve really seen the Ranger since Alpha 0. They only showed three abilities from the Ranger skill kit, but they did talk about some of the philosophies of the Ranger, as well as targeted abilities and template abilities in the livestream so that segment has been provided to the right.

Ranger Class Combinations

The 8 Ranger Class combinations are:

Primary Secondary Class
Ranger Bard Bowsinger
Ranger Cleric Soulbow
Ranger Fighter Strider
Ranger Mage Scion
Ranger Ranger Hawkeye
Ranger Rogue Scout
Ranger Summoner Falconer
Ranger Tank Sentinel

Role of a Ranger

The role of the Ranger is to be a physical ranged damage dealer with high mobility and CC.


We still know very little about the Fighter basic skill kit. These examples are the ones that were found in the Fighter showcase video.


Ability Icon Ability Name Ability Description
skill icon for Airstrike Airstrike Leap forward in the direction the character is facing, raining down three projectiles that deal AoE damage and roots enemies in its path. The root effect is nature based.
Camouflage Grants stealth at a distance, but at mid and short range they are revealed.
skill icon for Quickshot Quick Shot Ranged attack that applies a debuff to the target. Each additional quickshot against the same target does increasing damage but consumes one of three charges that regenerate over time.
skill icon for Snipe Snipe A powerful charged attack