Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Glossary



Term Meaning
Castle Region 20% of the world governed by a Castle
Certificate 1) the item dropped from a caravan [redemption certificate] or
2) a developer term for the things mobs drop
Constructible Plot One of the plots inside of a Node that a Mayor can utilize to build specialized buildings.
Divine Gate Portal between Verra and Sanctus. Presentes the starting area for the above ground part of the world.
Dropped Item Upon death a normal player only drops gatherable items, and processed. A corrupted individual has a RNG chance to drop gear including weapons and armor.
Garrison Members of a Guild that own a Castle.
Gatherable Things that you harvest from the world via the Gathering profession, or things that are dropped from monsters (pelts, furs, tails, bones, etc).
Node Short answer – a center of civilization located inside of a Zone of Influence.
Processed Good An item made by a Processor - one of the 3 Trees of the Artisan profession.
Prime Time The timeframe for each server where the main events will take place. Somewhere between 1500 and 2300 for that time zone. The exact window is still subject to change.
Raw Material Synonymous with gatherable, and often used interchangeably.
Starting Area One of the four divine gate areas as well as the Underrealm starting area that is going to be tested.
Sanctus The world the players are returning from.
Verra The world the game takes place on.
War Decked To have a war declared on you by either the Guild War or Node War mechanics.
Zone of Influence The borders of an Area ruled over by the Government located in the Node for that Zone of Influence.