Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Glossry



  • Constructible Plot: One of the plots inside of a Node that a Mayor can utilize to build specialized buildings.

  • Divine Gate: Portal Between Verra and Sanctus. Represents the starting area for the above ground part of the world.

  • Dropped Items: Upon death a normal player only drops gatherable items, and processed. A corrupted individual has a RNG chance to drop gear including weapons and armor.

  • Gatherable: Things that you harvest from the world via the Gathering profession, or things that are dropped from monsters (pelts, furs, tails, bones, etc)

  • Garrison: Members of a Guild that own a Castle

  • Castle Region: 20% of the world governed by a Castle

  • Node: Short answer – a center of civilization located inside of a Zone of Influence

  • Processed Good: An item made by a Processor. There is a reference floating around about this being called a “craftable” ignore that its old.

  • Prime Time: The timeframe for each server where the main events will take place. Somewhere between 1500 and 2300 for that time zone. The exact window is still subject to change.
  • Raw Material: Synonymous with gatherable, and often used interchangeably

  • Starting Area: One of the four divine gate areas as well as the Underrealm starting area that is going to be tested.

  • Sanctus: The world the players are returning from

  • Verra: The world the game takes place on

  • War Decked: To have a war declared on you by either the Guild War or Node War mechanics.

  • Zone of Influence: The borders of an Area ruled over by the Government located in the Node for that Zone of Influence.