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While some of you already know me, my name is Jahlon and I'm the founder of the Paradox Gaming Network. It has been my privilege to work with hundreds of gamers on different projects over the past few years. Several years ago I started the Archeage 101 video series which was really my introduction into Content Creation across multiple platforms including YouTube, Twitch Streaming, and good old fashion text guide writing. It seems only natural that I use those skills to carry over to Ashes of Creation as it is my next destination for gaming.

Although Ashes of Creation is early in development, I'm taking this time to ensure I learn from my mistakes on Archeage 101 so I can lay a better foundation for the Ashes 101 video series. Before anyone gets too excited, Ashes is still in active development so we are probably a year or more away from Alpha 1, and years (plural) from launch. I could be wrong, Intrepid Studios could be holding things close to the chest, this is just the feeling I get.

As I work on this web-page, I also want you to remember, this is a project I'm using to teach myself HMTL and CSS. If you find something blaring and wrong with my website, please feel free to send feedback to me so I can not only make the product better for you, the people actually using it, but also teach myself new things.

Without further ado, let us start our deep dive into Ashes of Creation!

If you haven't made your account yet and you want to support the Paradox Gaming Network follow register now at the Ashes of Creation website. I put my creator money into a pile and I give away game time, games, gift cards, etc. For Ashes of Creation I'm hoping to figure out a way to give away game time since it is a monthly sub-based game.

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